KOConsulting has helped many clients identify and close on funding to help grow their business. From start-up financing to re-financing existing debt, we can help your company identify, negotiate, and close on the necessary financing needed to improve your business. We have relationships in all areas of financing from private equity to standard bank financing. If you need help identifying and closing on the best source of funding for your business, give us a call and we'll lead the way.

Business Check-Up
Our experienced and skilled consultants provide an analysis of current operations and objectives through our Business Check-up process resulting in a profit enhancement plan specifically designed for your business. Utilizing research, experience, and technology the "check-up" identifies and investigates profit opportunities.

Turnaround Services
For those companies needing more urgent help than just the Business Check-Up process KOConsulting provides our U-Tern service. This is designed to take a company at or close to bankruptcy and providing several options to management as to how to move forward with their business. U-Turn stands for the following:

The first thing our consultants will do is to learn and understand your business and the financial statements from top to bottom. We feel it is necessary to understand more than just the financials to fully assist companies in turning around their businesses. We analyze the Industry, the Company, and the Competition to understand how the current business model works and doesn't work in the marketplace. At the same time we do a full analysis of the Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement) to understand how the current model is manifesting itself in the financial results.

Once the situation is fully understood, the talented employees of KOConsulting will then tell the stakeholders what the issues are and what options there are going forward. These options can range anywhere from slight changes in the operations of the company to selling the company outright. What KOConsulting understands is that the only way to inform the stakeholders is to ensure the fully understand ALL the potential options and ALL the potential risks presented in a logical and informative manner. KOConsulting will always recommend what they feel the best option is, but will always now that the final decision is that of the stakeholders and will always prepare all options as if that would be the selection of the stakeholders.

Undertake and Execute
Once the options for your company have been fully vetted, KOConsulting will move into the execution phase of the U-Turn process. From re-financing to operational improvements, the KOConsulting team has the experience and expertise to execute a successful plan. This is the most important part of the process and demands focus both from KOConsulting and our client. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.

Review and Realize
Throughout the execution phase we review the strategy and results to date. Every decision is critical during this process, but no decision is final. As results become available, the strategy and execution process will be refined and adjusted appropriately. Yes, the execution is the most critical step in the overall process, but one must willing to continue to learn and understand what customers and the market are telling you about your execution strategy. This continuous review throughout the execution phase, helps ensure the realization of your company's future. This is what makes us as successful as we are in these situations with our clients.

KOConsulting does not simply suggest options for our clients and move on to the next engagement. Rather we prefer to nurture each engagement by being involved and available at any time throughout the life of the project. From before, during, and even after the project is completed, we want to see each and every client succeed and we do our best in every situation to ensure that that happens. Our consultants are committed and ensure that every question, comment, and thought from our client is reviewed and responded to in a timely and efficient manner. Many times this means well after the initial project work has been completed providing additional assistance or insight for our clients. At the end of the day, a successful client means a successful KOConsulting.

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